3d printed business cards

3D Printed Business Cards


There are quite possibly a gazillion business card designs out there, most of them are pretty “business-cardy” and don’t get you excited in your “nether regions” however, we’ve just come across a few that will amaze you!

3d business card

Taku Dazai has come up with a concept based on some robocop-esque style weaponry. Who doesn’t like mini shurikens, katanas and futuristic rifles? It’s quite possibly the coolest business card we’ve seen, unfortunately we cant see it for sale.. please someone take my money!

Price: $N/A
3d dinosaur card

Designer Cleven has been getting tons of likes for his Velociraptor business card, its a pretty neat concept that will no doubt leave a lasting impression with whoever receives the card. Your contact details can be printed on the tail of the beast.

Price: $7.90
credit card chess set

Although technically not a “business card” this wallet sized chess set card it still “technically” pretty damn cool. Innovo came up with the mini design which is available for purchase through Shapeways.

Price: $12
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