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3D Printed Typographic Design


If you’re looking for amazing 3D printed typographic designs then your probably looking for the works of Luca Ionescu. In 2012 Luca created a piece called ‘Steady As She Goes’ for an exhibition called ‘There goes the Neighbourhood’. The work has since had tens of thousands of views online, it’s beautifully ornate and cool to say the least.

Luca Ionescu has produced several more typographic works of wonder as part of Like Minded Studios. His current works are all printed using SLS (Selective laser Sintering) technology, currently its not quite possible to achieve this level of detail on your typical home 3D printer. A common home 3D printer like the the Dremel Idea Builder has around 100 microns of detail, you would want around 25 microns for the fine level of detail of Lucas works.

The works are not massed produced so unfortunately we cant pick up these awesome designs up for pocket change, however you can head on over to Like Minded Studios to see the latest works.

Photographs by www.andylewis.com.au

Price: $N/A
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