3d printed mask

Superhero Mask by Zortax


3d printed maskGo out and fight crime with this awesome batman-esque style superhero mask designed by 3d printing company Zortrax (a comical company name if you ask me). Zortrax have shown their development skills off by creating this 42 piece masterpiece! If you’ve got a fat head like me you may need to scan and adjust the files, good thing Lord Zortrax has provided the .stl file for free.

The mask was designed to showcase 3D printing technology as a solution for the costume industry and cosplay fans.

Designer Piotr Czyżewski says “The overall look was based on the interpretation of a gothic designed character that was given the anatomical elements of a spine, creating the impression of a solid shield”. In other words, it’s an epic badass version of batman’s mask from the dark knight. One thing is certain, it’s 100% guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of them criminals.

To put the mask together you’ll need some 3 mm screws, allen keys, 4 LED lights, cables, a 12V power supply, glue, and a soldering iron.


Price: Free File Download

Visit the Zortrax Website


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